ABIS Infor - 2017-09

Staffing at the Belgian Pension Administration

Kris Van Thillo (ABIS) - 16 August 2017


IRIS and ABIS collaborate to help the Belgian Pension Administration with a staffing problem.

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The Belgian Pension Administration wanted to attract new work force for the further development of myPension.be. Following a public tender, the assignment was awarded to IRIS, who looked for suitable candidates. After many interviews and thorough tests, 3 people were eventually selected. They had to have a good basic knowledge of Java and, moreover, be familiar with the Vaadin framework. Based on successful collaborations in the past, IRIS chose resolutely for ABIS to train these juniors. After an intensive training track of 33 days, they were ready for their first working day at the Pension Administration.

The complete article can be found here (in Dutch).