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Linux TCP/IP services and applications

This course learns you to build and configure various popular Linux TCP/IP Services and set up a lot of common applications. Including the setup of DHCP, Mail server, NNTP, DNS, dynamic and static routing, NFS, OpenLDAP, NTP and NIS...

This course prepares for LPI Certification Level 2 - Exam 201.


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Intended for

Linux system administrators.


Experience with a Linux system as a system administrator. Having followed the Linux system administration course. Fluent experience with an editor, the permission system and troubleshooting.

Main topics

  • Insight in the TCP/IP protocol, adressing, broadcasting and multicasting
  • Understanding DHCP and configuring ISC DHCPD
  • Using static and dynamic routes to connect TCP/IP networks between each other.
  • Implementation and configuration of DNS server
  • Concepts and implementation of NFS
  • Implementation and configuration of LDAP
  • NTP server and concepts
  • NIS concepts
  • Mail Server implementation
  • Setup of OpenLDAP-based security
  • Troubleshooting of network problems

Training method

Classroom instruction with exercises.


5 days.

Course leader

Linux Belgium.