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Apache ServiceMix ESB

Many development projects require some form of integration with existing services or resources, either inside the company or for exchanging information with business partners. Apache ServiceMix is an integration platform which brings together a set of popular open-source technologies. This course introduces you to the basics of OSGi, Apache Karaf, Apache Camel and Apache CXF and explains how to choose the right mix of technologies for your project.


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Intended for

Java developers and architects who want to learn about the possibilities of OSGi and Apache ServiceMix for enterprise applications integration.


Participants should have Java coding skills (see course Java programming) and be familiar with J2EE terminology and SOA technology (see course Distributed applications: APIs and web services). They should also have a solid understanding of XML (see course XML fundamentals course). Familiarity with the Spring Framework (see course Spring fundamentals) and JMS is definitely an advantage when following this course.

Main topics

  • Apache Karaf
  • Introduction to OSG
  • Working with Apache Kara
  • Blueprint
  • Apache Camel
  • Routes and components
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Using beans to integrate with existing code
  • Apache CXF
  • SOAP services with JAX-WS
  • REST services with JAX-RS
  • Apache ServiceMix
  • Technology selection guidelines

Training method

Classical instruction with exercises. For the exercises, we use Eclipse and Apache Maven.


2 days.

Course leader