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Enterprise architecture level 2 with TOGAF® 9

The purpose of this course is to validate that the attendee is able to analyse and apply the knowledge and comprehension acquired in the level 1 TOGAF® course.

The learning objectives at this level, therefore, focus on application and analysis in addition to knowledge and comprehension.


Il n'y a pas de sessions publiques à ce moment. Nous organisons volontiers un cours en entreprise ou une session publique supplémentaire (en cas d'un nombre suffisant de participants). Intéressé? Veuillez contacter ABIS.

Intended for

  • Individuals who require a deeper understanding of TOGAF 9
  • Professionals who are working in an organization where TOGAF 9 has been adopted and who need to participate in architecture projects and initiatives
  • Architects who will be responsible for developing architecture artifacts
  • Architects who wish to introduce TOGAF 9 into an architecture practice
  • Architects who want to achieve a recognized qualification to demonstrate their detailed knowledge of TOGAF 9


There are no mandatory prerequisites for attendance although have taken the Enterprise architecture level 1 with TOGAF® 9 course is beneficial.

Main topics

  • How to apply the ADM phases in development of an enterprise architecture
  • How to apply Architecture Governance in development of an enterprise architecture
  • How to apply the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework
  • How to apply the concept of Building Blocks
  • How to apply the Stakeholder Management Technique
  • How to apply the TOGAF Content Metamodel
  • How to apply TOGAF recommended techniques when developing an enterprise architecture
  • The TOGAF Technical Reference Model and how to customize it to meet an organization's needs
  • The Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model
  • The content of the key deliverables of the ADM cycle
  • How an enterprise architecture can be partitioned to meet the specific needs of an organization
  • The purpose of the Architecture Repository
  • How to apply iteration and different levels of architecture with the ADM
  • How to adapt the ADM for security
  • SOA as a style of architecture
  • The role of architecture maturity models in developing an enterprise architecture
  • The purpose of the Architecture Skills Framework and how to apply it within an organization

Training method

Classroom training.

TOGAF® Certified (Level 2) is an 8-question, 90-minute, scenario-based, complex, multiple-choice exam. The passing score is 60% or 24 out of 40 marks must be earned. The exam is not included in the course fee.

Certification is only achieved by passing both the TOGAF® Level 1 and 2 examinations.


2 days.

Course leader

SMME (accredited training company).