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Functional design

Having a good set of requirements is not enough to have a design. During the functional analysis phase, the purpose and the boundaries of the system are defined. This produces a general design that gets the approval of the user. The next step is the transformation of this general design to a functional design. For a small application the functional analysis and the detailed functional design can be combined; but for bigger projects the two aspects are distinct and will be separated.

In this 3-day course you learn how to make a functional detailed design, starting from a global design or set of requirements. This facilitates the making of a technical design, which may even be superfluous in some environments.


Il n'y a pas de sessions publiques à ce moment. Nous organisons volontiers un cours en entreprise ou une session publique supplémentaire (en cas d'un nombre suffisant de participants). Intéressé? Veuillez contacter ABIS.

Intended for

This training is meant for IT professionals with design experience, who are used to work in a project environment.


Experience in an existing IT environment as application builder; or having experience as a functional analyst.

Main topics

  • What is the value of a functional design
  • What are the components of a functional design
  • Communication inside and outside the project concerning the design
  • Data model
  • Process model
  • Architecture
  • Model case
  • Use of UML and other methods and techniques

Training method

Classroom training with interactive exercises. The participants work in small groups on a model case.


3 days.

Course leader

Stevense Professional Trainers.