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Java SE programmer I certification track (OCA)

Certification for Java has become an important aspect for proving thorough knowledge of the Java environment. Hence the need for a good preparation to the certification exam. On the other hand, practical usage and understanding of Java is as important as remembering the method details or possible exceptions.

So, ABIS presents this certification track, preparing for the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) Java SE8 programmer exam. This track can also be followed if you want to prepare for the Java SE7 OCA exam.
For part 2, see Java SE8 programmer II certification track (OCP).

In the first part, the participants will become familiar with:

  • object oriented concepts and techniques for application development;
  • the Java language, and the necessary tools and utilities (i.e. Eclipse) necessary to build and to test applications;
  • the set-up of standard Java applications based on the OO principles;
  • the handling of exceptions.

The combination of Java and the OO principles will be examined in detail, putting Java SE into practice through different exercises and cases.


Il n'y a pas de sessions publiques à ce moment. Nous organisons volontiers un cours en entreprise ou une session publique supplémentaire (en cas d'un nombre suffisant de participants). Intéressé? Contactez-nous.

Intended for

Developers who want to prepare for Java certification, but also want to learn how to build OO applications in practice on a Java SE platform.


Participants should be familiar with informatics (see ABIS course Programming fundamentals).

Main topics

This certification track handles the basics of Java SE.

  • Object oriented concepts
  • A first Java application• compiling of Java applications • running applications • deprecation • standard output streams
  • Java syntax: variables and data types • type conversions (autoboxing) • operators • expressions • control flow
  • Core Java APIs: String • StringBuilder • array • ArrayList • DateTime
  • Java building blocks: packages • classes • objects • methods • initialization • constructors • method overloading • inner classes • access control
  • Java applications: program structure • Java documentation • jar-files
  • Inheritance and polymorphism: concepts • method overriding • casting • modifiers • abstract classes • interfaces
  • Introduction to functional programming (lambda expressions)
  • Exception handling • catching and handling exceptions • throwing exceptions • making your own exceptions
  • Garbage collection

The implementation is done in a Java SE environment using Eclipse.

Training method

For this track, ABIS is using a blended learning approach. Course participants will combine e-learning and self-study with classroom instructor-led training sessions.

  • the self-study/e-learning will be based on e-learning modules on the internet, combined with literature from books and course handouts, all provided by ABIS
  • the classroom learning sessions are organised for assessment of knowledge, clarification of poor-understood concepts, deepening of knowledge, additional practice and labs.

All parts/modules of the certification track are well aligned, in form and contents. The provided sequence of topics is well defined and described. Instructors are available during classroom sessions, as well as for questions during self-study/e-learning. Assessment of the learned concepts will be done via different test methods.

Participants use their own PC - on which a virtual course environment is installed - for the entire blended learning track. This will allow them to use this course environment throughout any stage of this blended learning track.

For more information on the training approach used, please consult Blended learning.


7 days for classroom sessions with a typical elapsed time of 8 weeks. The start date of a course is when the course documentation and the e-learning information is sent to the participants. The first classroom session typically follows 1 to 2 weeks after the start date.

Course leader

Sandy Schillebeeckx


The course really helped me prepare for the OCA exam.

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Basiskennis moet goed zijn - dan is het te doen. Veel studietijd nodig (lezen + oefenen) als je niet elke dag bezig met java bent. Samenvatting zou handig zijn!

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Cursus is zeer goed opgesteld, de cursusmappen zijn een goede aanvulling op het boek. De cursusleiders zijn zeer goed in het overbrengen van de leerstof

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