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Business analysis masterclass

As a business analyst, you are a problem solver.

But how do you discover these problems? And how to proceed when a problem is discovered?

During this blended masterclass, you'll learn about the required tools, techniques and methodologies to become a skilled business analyst!

At the end of this class, participants:

  • will be able to identify and solve business problems
  • will be able to turn business problems into business opportunities
  • will have studied the basics of BPMN


Il n'y a pas de sessions publiques à ce moment. Nous organisons volontiers un cours en entreprise ou une session publique supplémentaire (en cas d'un nombre suffisant de participants). Intéressé? Contactez-nous.

Intended for

Everybody interested in becoming a skilled business analyst.


No specific background is required.

Main topics

  • Kick-off

Getting started

Understand the business analysis process; what type of business analyst are you?

(1 hr. live session) Introduction - identification of the learning targets

(10 min. selfstudy - practical lab) Background inventarisation; getting to know the other participants

(15 min. selfstudy - e-learning course) Business Analysis Foundations

  • Module 1

If your aim is to solve problems, it is crucial to first of all understand where a question originates from. Why is it a problem? It's all about understanding questions and issues! In what specific contexts are these 'problematic'? And what are both the priorities and constraints that need to be considered in addressing these problems?

(25 min. selfstudy - e-learning course) Business Analysis Foundations: Understanding questions and issues at hand

(1 hr. selfstudy - practical lab) Use the 'Project Canvas Guide' to learn how to effectively structure projects

  • Module 2

In this module, we try to identify the causes of the problems identified in module 1. We discuss stakeholder identification, requirements gathering, ... Furthermore, the purpose and concepts behind root-cause analysis are introduced, and applied.

(4 hr. live session) Stakeholder identification and requirements gathering workshop

(1 hr. selfstudy - e-learning course) A practical guide to root-cause analysis

  • Module 3

Processes are at the core of your organisation!
We first identify processes; then we analyse these processes to identify problems and determine opportunities for improvement. Furthermore, we guide you in mastering the most frequently used modelling language relevant in this case: BPMN.

(3 hr. selfstudy - e-learning course) Process discovery

(1 hr. selfstudy - e-learning course) BPMN fundamentals

(1 hr. selfstudy - practical lab) Process modelling at your site!

(4 hr. live session) Process identification and modelling - Discussion of the Process modelling practical lab

  • Module 4

From problems to solutions!

In this module, both business oriented as well as IT oriented solutions are introduced.

And we discuss 'ideation'.

(3 hr. selfstudy - e-learning course) The ultimate guide to user stories

(1 hr. selfstudy - practical lab) A 'Banking' case study

(4 hr. live session) User story workshop - Discussion of the 'Banking' case study

  • Coaching

(10 min. feedback) Course evaluation - Q&A - how can we further help you?

Training method

Blended learning approach - we combine selfstudy activities with standard live (virtual classroom) sessions. Selfstudy activities might include the preparation of individual practical or theoretical labs, or the study of an online course, made available through the Master Channel.

Participants have access to all online courses available in the Master Channel for 12 months.


4 half day live sessions, approx. 10 hrs. selfstudy, 6 assignments to be prepared; elapsed: 2 to 3 weeks.

Course leader

The Master Labs