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User stories - the ultimate guide

User stories are a crucially important tool in current agile development processes. They are used as a means to describe system characteristics and requirements from an end user perspective.

In this blended course, we:

  • discuss the characteristics of an agile analyst
  • clarify the importance of user stories; and illustrate how to identify and define user stories
  • explain how user story maps can be used as a means to prioritise and structure user stories
  • focus on the importance of user story splitting


Il n'y a pas de sessions publiques à ce moment. Nous organisons volontiers un cours en entreprise ou une session publique supplémentaire (en cas d'un nombre suffisant de participants). Intéressé? Contactez-nous.

Intended for

Everybody interested in learning how to effectively use user stories in their day-to-day activities.


No specific background is required.

Main topics

  • Kick-off

What are agile teams? How do these teams enable systems development?

What are user stories? In what specific context are these used?

(1 hr. live session) Introduction - identification of the learning targets

(10 min. selfstudy - practical lab) Background inventarisation; getting to know the other participants

(3 hr. selfstudy - e-learning course) Essential agile analysis skills

  • Module 1

Discussion of the most frequently used agile development methodology: SCRUM.

What is the relationship between SCRUM and (the effective use of) user stories?

(3 hr. selfstudy - e-learning course) A smarter introduction to Scrum

(1 hr. live session) Q&A - group coaching

  • Module 2

Agile software development based on user stories.

(3 hr. selfstudy - e-learning course) Its all about requirements - The ultimate guide to user stories

(3 hr. selfstudy - e-learning course) Introduction to user story maps

(4 hr. live session) User stories workshop: describe, prioritise and sort user stories

  • Module 3

User story level of detail - techniques for user story splitting.

(1 hr. selfstudy - e-learning course) User story splitting

(4 hr. live session) User stories workshop: story splitting

  • Coaching

(10 min. feedback) Course evaluation - Q&A - how can we further help you?

Training method

Blended learning approach - we combine selfstudy activities with standard live (virtual classroom) sessions. Selfstudy activities might include the preparation of individual practical or theoretical labs, or the study of an online course, made available through the Master Channel.

Participants have access to all online courses available in the Master Channel for 12 months.


4 half day live sessions, approx. 6 hrs. selfstudy, 4 assignments to be prepared; elapsed: 2 to 3 weeks.

Course leader

The Master Labs