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API testing using cURL, wGet, Postman and REST Assured

This training helps you become a test automation engineer.

In our current interconnected world, systems are no longer monolithic. Modern service oriented application (SOA) architecture requires connection of pre-built sub-systems through microservices as part of solution building. As a modern tester, you need basic and automated application programming interface (API) testing knowledge and practice as part of your testing toolset.

After establishing the theoretical API basics, the course will immediately become hands-on to learn how to interact with APIs through telnet, cURL, wGet and Postman. Using the GUI of the popular and widely used 'postman', you will learn firsthand how to build and execute test scripts using Java using the REST-Assured library.

At the end of this training, the participant will:

  • have insight into how modern APIs are built
  • have a good understanding of HTTP protocol
  • be able to access APIs using telnet, cURL, wGet and Postman
  • know how to create test scripts using Java with REST-Assured


22 nov2Woerden 1050 EUR (exempte de TVA) garanti

Intended for

  • Testers with the ambition to start as a test automation engineer
  • IT professionals wanting to start testing APIs


Main topics

  • HTTP protocol
  • Interact with APIs:
  • telnet
  • cURL
  • wGet
  • Postman
  • REST-Assured framework + exercises
  • Set-up
  • Request creation
  • Scripts using requests
  • Validation
  • Result verification in database
  • Interactive labs

Training method

Real-time & real-project examples combined with exercises, you will learn firsthand how to understand the concept and bring it into practice.

This training can be organised as an instructor-led classroom training or in a blended format that combines online self-study with two live sessions.


2 days.

Course leader