CICS application programming

In this workshop, participants get an overview of the different CICS TS (Customer Information Control System Transaction Server) components which are related to the building of applications. By using this information and by doing exercises participants become familiar with the different aspects of working in a CICS environment. Message processing, data management, the use of different communication options and synchronisation are also discussed.

At the end of this course delegates will be able to write complete programs in COBOL or PL/1 using CICS 'command level' instructions.


25 Apr3web based 1650 EUR (excl. VAT)

Intended for

Application programmers who need to develop CICS applications using 'command level' instructions.


The students should be experienced in COBOL (see COBOL programming - part 1) or PL/I (see PL/I programming: fundamentals course). No knowledge of CICS is required.

Main topics

  • CICS coding: How to code CICS 'command level' instructions • their format, syntax and use • program preparation, development and testing
  • Controlling terminals: Coding CICS programs to facilitate interactive conversation with terminals • use of Basic Mapping Support
  • Error handling: CICS instructions to trap conditions, warnings or exceptions • the use of development tools and trace and debug facilities
  • Interprogram communication: LINK, XCTL and RETURN • the use of communication areas, of channels and containers, of temporary storage, of transient data • automatic task initiation
  • Data management: CICS instructions to read and change VSAM files • the browse commands • data base access
  • Performance aspects
  • Recovery: System and application recovery: the commands for commit and rollback • pseudo-conversational programming
  • Distributed working • CICS and the internet • CICS and web services

Training method

About half of the time is spent on doing exercises on terminal.


3 days.

Course leader

Guido Indesteege.


Merci Gie pour la patience.

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La fin du cours s'est accélérée à cause du manque du temps et donc un mangue d'examples pratiques

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