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Oracle database administrator certification track:
Oracle database administrator certification track 12d   Contact ABIS
SQL and relational databases fundamentals:
SQL and relational databases fundamentals 2d Leuven 27 17
2d web based 27 27 17
Oracle fundamentals course:
Oracle fundamentals course 3d Leuven 13 29
3d web based 13 29
Oracle fundamentals - mentored workshop:
Oracle fundamentals - mentored workshop 3d   Contact ABIS
SQL*Plus 2d   Contact ABIS
SQL workshop:
SQL workshop 2d Leuven 22
2d Woerden 18
2d web based 18 22 19
SQL advanced course:
SQL advanced course 1d Leuven 27 10
1d web based 27 10
SQL for BI and Data Science:
SQL for BI and Data Science 2d Leuven 03
2d web based 03
PL/SQL database programming:
PL/SQL database programming 3d   Contact ABIS
Oracle SQL performance:
Oracle SQL performance 2d Leuven 26
2d web based 26
Oracle Application Express (APEX):
Oracle Application Express (APEX) 3d Leuven 20
3d web based 20
JDBC 1d   Contact ABIS
Oracle DBA 1 - Core competences:
Oracle DBA 1 - Core competences 4d Leuven 08
4d web based 08
Oracle database administration for Db2 DBAs:
Oracle database administration for Db2 DBAs 3d   Contact ABIS
Oracle backup and recovery:
Oracle backup and recovery 2d   Contact ABIS
Oracle 12c/18c/19c upgrade:
Oracle 12c/18c/19c upgrade 2d   Contact ABIS
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