Java applications often need to access existing or new relational databases. Although most application developers make their programs in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), having a basic knowledge on how databases are accessed from Java code is a must. This course provides the foundations on how data can be stored into and retrieved from relational databases using JDBC (Java Data Base Connectivity).


09 May1web based 550 EUR (excl. VAT)

Intended for

Application developers, technical analysts and database administrators who are involved in the development of Java applications that access relational databases.


The participants of this training should have experience (at least 3 months) with Java programming (see course Java programming) and be familiar with at least basic SQL (see course SQL and relational databases fundamentals).

Main topics

  • Introduction to JDBC: history, JDBC drivers, working with tiers
  • Connecting to the database: DriverManager vs DataSource, connection options, closing connections, exceptions
  • Structuring the application with patterns: Singleton, Factory and DAO
  • Basic database handling: querying, DML and DDL
  • JDBC Transactions: transaction processing and locking
  • More Advanced JDBC: scrollable and updatable ResultSets, RowSets, JDBC MetaData
  • Overview of Java Persistence Frameworks

Training method

Classroom training: lecture and hands-on exercises. The participants will work with Java applications accessing Oracle, IBM Db2, MySQL or other relational databases.


1 day.

Course leader

Sandy Schillebeeckx, Bart Lemarcq.


4.3/5 (based on 29 evaluations; the most recent ones are shown below)

Goeie cursus, mooi tempo en goeie oefeningen

  (, )

Goed, op 1 dag wat je moet weten over JDBC

  (, )

Wat zwaar kwa theorie maar oefeningen zijn verhelderend

  (, )

Wat weinig tijd om oefeningen te maken. Jammer dat we niet alles gezien hebben van de cursus

  (, )

uitstekend startpunt om verder te gaan met Java en databases.

  (, )

Very interesting course

  (, )

Te kort, teveel op korte tijd willen zien. Zonder voorkennis is het te snel

  (, )

Cours bien présenté et complet.

  (, )

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Les 3 design pattern ont été abordé. La connection à la base de donnée a été décrite.

  (, )

Voor mij (mainframe ervaring) iets te snel, maar perfect opgevangen door Sandy.

  (, )

De opleiding was interessant, en er werden veel thema's aangeraakt.

  (, )

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