Oracle DBA 1 - Core competences

The database administrator (DBA) plays an important role in the data management process. The DBA is the planner and the producer during the design, the implementation and the maintenance of physical database structures.

At the end of this course, the participant will be able:

  • to describe the physical and logical characteristics of the Oracle database;
  • to execute scenarios for the management, monitoring and support of database management tasks;
  • to guide the set-up of new Oracle database environments.


No public sessions are currently scheduled. We will be pleased to set up an on-site course or to schedule an extra public session (in case of a sufficient number of candidates). Interested? Please let us know.

Intended for

Database administrators, everyone who takes part in the DBA process and application developers.


Some familiarity with Oracle as relational database system and with the application development process and SQL (see Oracle fundamentals course and SQL workshop).

Main topics

  • The Oracle system:

instances • databases • overview

  • Physical structure of Oracle objects:

files • segments • extents • blocks

  • Logical structure of Oracle objects:

databases • table spaces • rollback segments • tables • partitions • views • synonyms • indexes • object dependent

  • Management of Oracle objects:

Oracle catalog views • use of the catalog for monitoring • reorganisation techniques

  • Access control:

creation of new users • creation of 'roles' • characteristics and control on the given privileges • set-up of scenarios

  • Backup and recovery procedures:

introductory concepts

  • Oracle utilities:

import/export • loader • utilities for the calculation of statistics and object validation • scenarios

Training method

Classroom instruction and a few labs.


4 days.

Course leader

Kris Van Thillo.