Java programming - mentored workshop

This labs-only mentored workshop offers participants the possibility to put recently acquired often conceptual Java knowledge into practice. Specifically tailored and integrated labs enable participants to extend their theoretical knowledge using this 'hands-on' lab approach. Mentored by ABIS specialists, participants are assisted in creating an individual learning experience.


No public sessions are currently scheduled. We will be pleased to set up an on-site course or to schedule an extra public session (in case of a sufficient number of candidates). Interested? Please let us know.

Intended for

Programmers and technical support people who are going to use the Java language and environment, already having a basic yet mainly theoretical Java background.


General, theoretical/conceptual knowledge of the Java language and environment is required; the theoretical fundaments required to fully appreciate the Labs-Only workshop are not discussed in this workshop.

Participants are assumed to have acquired this knowledge using alternate source available, for example:

  • Selftraining using standard ABIS course materials
  • Selftraining using e.g. available commercial publication, internet content, ...
  • Training using formal third party sources, eg. PluralSight, Udemy, Skillsoft, ...

ABIS technical consultants are available for offering advice as to what sources to consult prior to attending this labs-only Mentored Workshop.

Main topics

Typical workshop content.

  • (1) Object oriented concepts

A first Java application • compiling of Java applications • running applications • standard output streams

  • (2) Java syntax: variables and data types • type conversions (autoboxing) • operators • expressions • control flow
  • (3) Core Java APIs: String • StringBuilder • array • ArrayList • DateTime
  • (4) Java building blocks: packages • classes • objects • methods • initialization • constructors • method overloading • inner classes • access control

Java applications: program structure • Java documentation • jar-files

  • (5) Inheritance and polymorphism: concepts • method overriding • casting • modifiers • abstract classes • interfaces
  • (6) Exception handling • catching and handling exceptions • throwing exceptions • making your own exceptions
  • (7) Collections framework: List • Set • Map • Queue • Iterator • use of generics • Arrays and Collections
  • (8) Introduction to functional programming (lambda expressions) • functional interface • Stream (map, reduce, filter)
  • (9) File I/O: byte, character and object streams • files • manipulation of streams • command line I/O
  • (10) Event handling: the event model • event objects • event listeners • GUI events

Training method

First step: a kick-off test evaluates participant acquired knowledge; based on the test results, an individually tailored training program is suggested.

The actual training program is implemented in individual format - online - an instructor is offline available. Participants are closely mentored with required contact moments scheduled.

At the end of the workshop, the ABIS instructor will suggest follow-up knowledge gathering activities.

Participants have a private (virtual) Java lab environment at their disposal, made available by ABIS.


Our environment is available for 4 weeks (elapsed) - approximately 5 days will be required to complete this workshop.

Course leader