Intermediate Python

During this intermediate level Python training, we dig deeper in the world of Python. We extend our knowledge of the standard Python syntax (such as advanced function syntax, OO programming) and discover the tools Python provides for everyday programming tasks (interface to the OS, working with databases etc. ). We also explore the necessary steps towards deploying a program: building a GUI, testing and profiling, packaging and distribution ...

The course is intended for people who already have basic Python knowledge.


06 Dec2Leuven 1200 EUR (excl. VAT) guaranteed
06 Dec2web based 1200 EUR (excl. VAT) guaranteed

Intended for

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to sharpen their Python skills.


Basic Python knowledge is a prerequisite for this course (see Python fundamentals course).

Main topics

  • Advanced Python Syntax
  • Advanced function syntax: lambdas, functional programming tools, generators, decorators
  • OO Programming techniques in Python
  • Advanced Python object types
  • Highlights of the Python standard library
  • Input and output techniques
  • Argument parsing
  • Working with different file types
  • Python object persistence: pickle and shelve
  • Working with databases
  • Deployment and development techniques
  • Building GUIs
  • Testing, debugging and profiling
  • Deployment techniques: packaging and distribution of Python programs
  • Best Practices and common pitfalls

Training method

Classroom training with demos and practical exercises.


2 days.

Course leader

Arnout Veugelen.


Prettig qua inhoud en presentatie

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Genoeg diepgang en ruim tijd in de oefeningen om met de stof bekend te raken.

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This course gave me a very good impression of some (to me) less known features of the language.

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Uitgebreide en informatieve cursus met genoeg nieuwe informatie om zelf verder aan de slag te gaan.

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