XML concepts

XML is much more than just a standard to represent structured text documents. This course gives an overview of XML and its numerous possibilities. The basic XML specifications (such as XML, XML Schema and XSLT) are explained, and many examples are given of the practical applications of XML technology.


15 Nov1web based 525 EUR (excl. VAT)

Intended for

Analysts, application developers, database administrators and project leaders who want to gain an overview of XML and its application areas. People who are going to work with XML in practice, should instead take the technical course (XML fundamentals course) You can test yourself to see if this course contains enough new information for you by printing and filling in the self-test ( PDF file - 35 KB).


No specific background is required. Basic knowledge of data modelling is an advantage.

Main topics

  • XML: the basics (W3C, SGML, HTML, XML, ... )
  • Defining/imposing structure: DTD and XML Schema
  • Parsing: DOM and SAX
  • Transforming and Rendering: XPath, XSLT and XSLFO
  • Storing XML: XML Files, XML Databases and Relational Databases
  • Searching: XQuery and XPath
  • Pointing and Linking: XLink and XPointer
  • Web services: SOAP, WSDL and UDDI
  • Practical applications of XML: OASIS, InfoPath, XBRL, SEPA, RSS etc.
  • XML Products and Tools

Training method

Theory with demonstrations.


1 day.

Course leader

Sandy Schillebeeckx.


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